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Internet Explorer 9 Beta Released: REVIEWS Of Microsoft's New Browser

Huffington Post     First Posted: 09/15/10 02:29 PM ET   Updated: 05/25/11 06:40 PM ET

The latest version of Microsoft's web browser, Internet Explorer 9 Beta, is available for download today, and the update, dubbed the "most ambitious browser release Microsoft has ever undertaken" by ZDNet, is being scrutinized closely.

Internet Explorer 9 Beta has gotten a major makeover, a host of new features, and speedier performance. It is still a beta, however, and, as PC World notes, there are a few "rough spots." Microsoft is expected to release a polished version sometime later this year or in early 2011, according to Wired.

Take a look at what reviewers, such as Wired, Technologizer, PC World, and ZDNet, are saying about Internet Explorer 9 in the slideshow below. (You can download Internet Explorer 9 Beta here. Note: It is compatible only with WIndows 7 and Windows Vista, )

Technologizer: 'Just Plain Good'
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Technologizer writes, "It’s easily the best new version of Microsoft’s browser in…well, in this century: The last IE upgrade that was this pleasing was version 5, which shipped in 1999. In most respects that matter, IE9 finally catches up with the competition. In a few, it seems to have sprinted past them. It’s just plain good." Like other reviewers, Technologizer's Harry McCracken notes, "This beta is, after all, a beta. Most of the sites I’ve tried in it work splendidly, but I did spot occasional rendering quirks. And the editing window in WordPress, the blogging tool behind Technologizer, doesn’t let me edit, which is why I’m writing this review of Internet Explorer in Chrome.'
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