09/16/2010 03:10 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Ken Buck Leads Michael Bennet By Four In Latest Rasmussen Poll

After over a month of campaigning since the August 10 Colorado primaries, neither Republican Ken Buck nor Democratic incumbent Michael Bennet has made significant movement in Rasmussen's polls.

Rasmussen's latest survey, which was released on Wednesday, shows Ken Buck leading Michael Bennet 49%-45%, the same result as Rasmussen's poll from late August.

According to the survey, Buck is viewed favorably by 49% of Colorado voters and unfavorably by 44%. Meanwhile, 45% hold a favorable opinion of Bennet. 50% view him favorably.

Buck's advantage was within the statistical margin for error of 4%.

A bipartisan poll from late August showed Bennet with a 3-point lead.

Democrats have accused Ramussen of over-estimating the Republican electorate in the past.