09/17/2010 10:37 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Carmelo Anthony Says He's A Nugget--If He Were A Free Agent, 'That's A Different Story'

Carmelo Anthony made a rare public appearance this week as a guest on Lopez Tonight, George Lopez's TBS talk show (video below). Appearing with his new wife, LaLa Vasquez, to promote their upcoming reality show La La's Full Court Wedding, Melo faced the inevitable questions on his professional future from Lopez, a rabid NBA fan.

Anthony--for the most part--responded to Lopez with the same PC response he's been using all summer. "I'm a Nugget," he insisted. "It's overwhelming sometimes to read the blogs and see the Internet and see what people are saying. Everybody wants to see me go here, everybody wants to see me go there. And I'm not even a free agent yet. That's the tough part."

Lopez, a die-hard Lakers fan, wouldn't leave it there, however. "But if you were a free agent, let's say..."

"That would be a different story," Melo interjected.

The Nuggets offered Anthony, who becomes a free agent after this season, a three-year, $65 million contract extension earlier this summer. While Anthony has largely remained silent on the matter, multiple reports have indicated that he wants out of Denver, ideally after signing the Nuggets' extension and forcing a trade. The Nuggets, for their part are worried about losing Anthony for nothing when he becomes a free agent.

The latest buzz has the New York-born, Baltimore-raised Anthony headed east to Chicago, New York or New Jersey, but all reports at this point amount to little more than pure speculation. Publicly, Anthony and his representation insist that the star forward has not made up his mind about leaving Denver.

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