09/17/2010 02:41 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

'Rich People Things' Book Trailer Re-Dubs 'La Dolce Vita' For Melancholy Look At The Real Economic Victims (VIDEO)

As the Wall Street Journal gamely asserted, people really need to spend less time thinking about how the economic downturn is affecting the nation's rabble, and more time reflecting on the real victims -- the wealthy, who are in the midst of a terrifying plutocrapocalypse!

Well, one man has been studying the things that pertain to rich people very carefully, my friend and deputy editor of The Upshot Chris Lehmann, whose new book, "Rich People Things" takes a long and lingering look at the triumphs and tribulations of the meritocracy in these times of uncertainty. The book, which is related to but not a straight repurposing of his similarly-named column at The Awl, is available for purchase now from OR Books.

Need I sweeten the pot? I think I must! So, please enjoy the lovely book trailer (yes, "book trailers" are a thing that is happening, in America), which hilariously redubs "La Dolce Vita" as a scene featuring such luminaries as Rand and Ron Paul, Rick Santelli, Sarah Palin, Maria Bartiromo, Alan Greenspan and the editors of Wired. "There's a lot of human wreckage here," says "Bartiromo." Weep for them!


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