09/17/2010 11:07 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Roland Martin Creates Own Line Of Ascots

CNN analyst Roland Martin is famous for wearing ascots — Jon Stewart even devoted an entire segment of his show to mocking Martin's fashion sense. Now, Martin has created his own line of ascots with Verse 9 Neckwear. The name? "Roland S. Martin."

On the website for "Roland S. Martin," the analyst describes his ascots as "the new definition of swagger." The line also includes bow ties and regular ties.

Martin told Politico, "I have traveled this country and I have seen more and more men choosing to be daring with their attire. Once they realize that you can have a bit more swagger and step out of the fashion box, they go for it."

He also pledged to send Jon Stewart an ascot, along with some of his fellow CNN personalities.

"I've been riding Ed [Henry] pretty hard over the past year about his boring-ass Washington, D.C., ties," he said. "He has stepped it up and has been on his A-game. So he definitely will get a gift."