Brian Williams Loves Jon Hamm A Little Too Much (VIDEO)

09/20/2010 10:26 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Jon Hamm said that Brian Williams wrote an angry note to "Saturday Night Live" after he noticed Hamm rehearsing a sketch he thought was intended for himself. But maybe the NBC News anchor was just jealous he wasn't doing the sketch with Hamm, as he proved last week.

"Mad Men" star Hamm was on Jimmy Fallon's show last week, talking about his previous times hosting "SNL" (he said he will host for the third time on this year's Halloween show). He said his favorite sketch was one involving a trick-or-treater dressed up as a child molester. Apparently, though, Williams thought that sketch was meant for him, and he sent over a message to "SNL."

Hamm said that the message read, "I was watching on the feed from my office, why is there some idiot in a Charlie Brown sweater doing my sketch? Lose my number. Love, Brian Willams."

Fallon said that Williams is "obsessed" with Hamm and "Mad Men."

"You gotta watch it when you're in this building," he told Hamm. "He watches the feed. He could show up wherever."

Just then, the camera cut to a shot of Williams peering through a door to the studio, watching Hamm.

"That's just sad," Hamm said when he saw Williams.