09/20/2010 02:26 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Classical Music: A Year In MP3s

For one year, beginning September 9, 2009, composer R. Luke Dubois decided to compose a new piece of music for every day of the year and upload them to his website. His 365 days are complete and what he now has is a collection of varying, even random compositions from classical to electronic and from long to very brief that tell a yearlong story. He discussed his process with the New York Times...

This conversation happened about a week before my birthday (and Susan's, right after mine). So I decided to give myself a little creative challenge: to create a piece of music every day, for an entire year. I decided to call the project "a year in mp3s," and I put the pieces online as I made them, posting a notification on my Facebook page so that my friends could listen to them. I didn't give them titles, just numbers and dates, beginning with my 34th birthday last September 10th.