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Mad Men In LA: Live Like Don, Peggy, And Joan

  First Posted: 09/21/10 06:49 PM ET   Updated: 05/25/11 06:45 PM ET

Text courtesy of Citysearch.

By Kika Davis

There are certain things that go hand in hand: Chocolate and peanut butter, tea and cream, Lady Gaga and a meat dress. The same goes for Mad Men and whiskey, Mad Men and a swanky dinner out, and Mad Men and fabulous style. Here's our list on how to live it up Mad Men style in LA.

Drink Like Draper: Seven Grand
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Seven Grand
515 W Seventh St, Los Angeles, CA 90012

This is where Don Draper would drink if he were living in LA today. (His office would probably be downtown, too.) Seven Grand makes classic whiskey drinks in its finest varieties and, like Don, you should accept nothing less. If you happen to drop in Monday-Wednesday around 10pm, you can catch 7G Sessions, which serve up a double shot of jazz with a blues chaser. (And oh, how Donny boy needs to chase those blues.)
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