09/23/2010 07:25 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Ken Buck Makes Appearance In Olbermann's 'Worse Persons' Segment

Ken Buck is catching heat for comments made earlier this week about his beliefs toward VA hospitals. On Monday, Buck told a group of veterans that he believes VA hospitals would be better-run if they were privatized, so long as funding still came from the public sector.

The comment has been criticized because--as Keith Olbermann pointed out when he named Buck runner-up for his "worse person in the world segment"--VA hospitals, which are publicly administered, get higher ratings than most privately-run health care facilities.

"VA hospitals are considered among the best in the country, and --in sticking to his inflexible, Tea Party, privatize everything dogma--Ken Buck proposes screwing it up just to curry a few votes from easily-lead conservatives," Olbermann excoriated.


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WATCH Buck's Original Comment On VA Hospitals: