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Sarah Palin Explains Why She Would Run For President (VIDEO)

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Building on a flurry of hints about a potential run for president, former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin took to Fox News last night to lay out a situation in which she would take the leap and announce her quest for the White House.

"A reason to run is if nobody else were to step up with the solutions that are needed to get the economy back on the right track and to be so committed to our national security that they are going to do all that they can including fighting those on the extreme left who seem to want to dismantle some of our national security tools that we have in place," Palin explained to Fox News's Greta Van Susteren. "If nobody else wanted to step up, Greta, I would offer myself up in the name of service to the public."

Palin went on to clarify that she would never seek the office for any selfish desire:

"I don't need the title, I don't need -- for any kind of self-gratification, any personal power seeking of my own -- to run for office," Palin said.

Asked if she was any more likely to run for president than she was six months ago, Palin responded: "I am in the same place I was."

Last week, Sarah Palin gave a similar presidential prognosis to Fox News, telling them that she'd "give it a shot" under the right circumstances, but providing no real certainty.

WATCH, presidential comments start around 6 minute mark:

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