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Homeless Shelter Curbs Donations After Bedbug Infestation

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IOWA CITY, Iowa (AP) -- A homeless shelter is Iowa City is saying "no thanks" to furniture donations after a bedbug infestation that likely came from a donated couch.

Crissy Canganelli of the Shelter House told the Iowa City Press-Citizen that the couch was donated in July. The bedbugs showed up at the end of August. She says they were likely spread after a resident slept on the couch.

The couch was taken to the landfill. And, despite weeks of cleaning, the bedbugs remain.

Canganelli says Shelter House has been at its current location since 1983, with no bedbugs reported until now. The shelter will be moving to a new facility in November.

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As a result of the infestation, which is a growing problem nationwide, Canganelli says no donations of furniture will be accepted.