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Kanye Jordan Tweets: Proof That Kanye West IS Tracy Jordan (PICS)

First Posted: 09/27/10 02:44 PM ET   Updated: 05/25/11 06:50 PM ET

Kanye West's Twitter is just the gift that keeps on giving. First, people started pairing his tweets with New Yorker cartoons to provide hilarious results. And recently, graphic artist John Harper pointed out a new Kanye-centric meme: "Put 'Liz Lemon,' in front of Kanye's tweets and he becomes Tracy Jordan." The results are uncanny. Now we can get our fix of Tracy Morgan's "30 Rock" character whenever Kanye posts a non-sequitur to Twitter. Here are some of our favorite Kanye/Tracy Jordan tweets supplied by novelty account @KanyeJordan. Vote for the funniest tweet!

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