09/28/2010 09:44 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Juan Beltran: Quadriplegic Iraq War Veteran Builds Sustainable Eco-Friendly Farm Home (VIDEO)

When Juan Beltran was deployed to Iraq, departing from his wife and daughter, it was with a wholehearted belief in the good of serving his country. Tragically, a helicopter crash broke Beltran's neck, leaving him quadriplegic. Now, back home, he views the war in a much different light.

"I went to Iraq believing in the mission, and now I realize we were lied to," Beltran says in this video from "We can't be dependent on oil."

Wanting to move toward a sustainable future for his family, and set an example others can follow, Beltran has enlisted the help of generous volunteers to turn his Chino, California property into an eco-friendly, self-sufficient farm.

The home is being remodeled with the likes of solar panels, LED lighting and a more efficient design. The Beltran's have goats that keep the grass short and provide fertilizer, hens that provide a free daily breakfast, and a vegetable garden.

Beltran is a beacon of inspiration and hope, expressing that he harbors no bitterness about what happened to him: "I'm happy with my wife and my daughter, and this beautiful house that I have, even if I'm in this condition -- It doesn't matter."