Tom Tancredo Uses Footage From RGA Ad In Latest Attack On Hickenlooper

09/28/2010 10:08 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Gubernatorial candidate Tom Tancredo may be raking in the cash thanks to the likes of Dog the Bounty Hunter and Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio, but he wasn't willing to burn that cash on the creation of his latest campaign ad.

Tancredo, the American Constitution Party candidate, simply took footage from a Republican Governor's Association (RGA) ad that ran during the primary season. The original ad was part of the RGA's "Stripes" campaign, during which the organization tried to tie Democratic nominee John Hickenlooper to current governor Bill Ritter.

The ad credits the footage as "edited RGA video from public domain."

The RGA backed out of Colorado after Dan Maes won the Republican nomination.

A legal expert told KDVR on Monday that ripping the RGA footage was likely legal so long as Tancredo's campaign used footage from Youtube or another public platform. If higher-quality footage was provided to the campaign, then the use of the RGA's ad may present legal problems.