09/29/2010 11:55 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

50 Cent Feels Like A 'Fat Boy,' 'Blimp' After Gaining Weight Back

50 Cent lost more than fifty pounds earlier this year for a movie role, and he put the weight back on over the summer.

Now it seems the rapper is feeling fat.

"I'm going to the gym I'm not but I feel like a fat boy I'm so use to training. When I take a few days of I start thinking I'm a blimp lol," he tweeted on Tuesday. "I watch people over train all the time I only work out 45min my diet changes everything you have to do both."

50's current workout routine sounds moderate compared to what he went through to play a cancer patient in 'Things Fall Apart.' He dropped from 214 pounds to 160 in just nine weeks by running on a treadmill three hours a day and sticking to a liquid diet.

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