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Snooki, Nicole Richie, Justin Bieber: The 7 Most Absurd Celebrity Books (PHOTOS)

First Posted: 09/30/10 08:21 AM ET   Updated: 05/25/11 06:55 PM ET

The market for books by celebrities won't go away. They are dominating children's picture books and they are now writing novels and memoirs in droves. The book buying public and the publishers seem to keep wanting more.

Case in point: This week Nicole Richie published her second -- yes, second! -- novel. And just yesterday, we heard news that Snooki would be writing one of her own when she claimed to have only ever read two books in her life.

In a market where bookstores are dying, less books are being published and writers suffer daily, is this an indication of where the reading public is heading permanently?

Well, maybe ... But, we'll let you decide. Here are "The 7 Most Absurd And Unnecessary Books From Celebrities." Tell us, though: Do we need more?

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Back in February, Snooki famously Tweeted that she was "officially reading my first bo[ok]!" Only six months later, news surfaced that Snooki would be writing one of her very own. As for her writing credentials, Snooki stars on the hit TV series "The Jersey Shore."
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