09/30/2010 06:23 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Dan Maes To Launch First TV Ad (VIDEO)

Dan Maes debuted his first TV ad on Thursday, just as new polls show his campaign losing support to third-party challenger Tom Tancredo.

The ad, which will run in Denver, Colorado Springs and Grand Junction, features Maes facing a camera, touting his intentions to roll back regulations on energy exploration, lower taxes and cut spending.

At one point, Maes urges voters to "tell [his] opponent to end the political games." It is unclear whether Maes is referring to Democrat John Hickenlooper, who is polling at 44% according to a recent Fox/Pulse Opinion Research poll, or Tancredo, who received 34% of the vote in the poll. Maes polled at just 15%.

According to the Denver Post, the ad cost campaign $30,000 to make. Earlier this month, lackluster funding reports led some to question whether Maes had the cash to stay in the race until November.