DineLA Quickfire Challenge At Loteria Grill: Eric Greenspan vs. Akasha Richmond

09/30/2010 06:33 pm 18:33:31 | Updated May 25, 2011

Who: Chef Eric Greenspan of The Foundry on Melrose and Chef Akasha Richmond of AKASHA.

What: The two chefs will battle it out at the final dineLA quickfire challenge to see who will join the winners of the previous contests in the finale.

When: Thursday September 30 (5-7pm).

Where: Loteria! Grill Hollywood, 6627 Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90028.

How: From DineLA:

The chefs will offer their interpretation of "Tacos" utilizing one of Loteria! Grill's signature ingredients--Nopal, Chile Poblano, or Epazote--to a panel of judges including Loteria! Grill's E...xecutive Chef/Owner Jimmy Shaw, Harriet Ells, producer of KCRW's Good Food, and Heather John from The Foodinista blog and Bon Appétit.

Why: If you've missed the previous three dineLA quickfire challenges, this one looks like it has the cheapest and most accessible food for a watching crowd. Hosted at Loteria! Grill, the audience will be able to munch on $4 guac and chips, $4 nueces, $5 chalupas, and other specials --previews of their Restaurant Week deals.

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