Ecuador Coup UPDATE: 'State Of Siege' Plunges Nation Into Chaos, President Roughed Up

09/30/2010 05:23 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011


Susana Morán, a journalist in Ecuador is live tweeting from Quito. You can follow her stream of tweets in Spanish here. A quick translation of the most recent 3 as of 11:04 PM EST is below

@susanamorg: They say that Correa is out the shootings go on and the air is filled with tear gas. I'm still in the bathroom.

@susanamorg: It's really terrifying to hear the intense firefight, the strong detonations continue . I can not go out.

@susanamorg: The shootings continue, i'm still in the bathroom and i hear the shouts of policemen calling for an advance.

@susanamorg: I hear windows breaking, there are very strong explosions

The EFE is reporting that the president of Nicaragua, Daniel Ortega denounced a new "coup attempt" against the Ecuadorian President , Rafael Correa, and called on governments of the region to mobilize and support the government.

Interesting criticism of CNN re-tweeted from an important latin american breaking news twitter reporter @RodrigoBNO Rodrigo / BNO News:
RT @mpoppel: CNN shows once again why it is failing hard. No live coverage of Ecuador.

Included below are photos from the ecuador coup attempt, and the reactions across Latin America.

QUITO, Ecuador (Associated Press) -- Soldiers firing concussion grenades and automatic weapons have rescued Ecuador's president from a hospital where he had been trapped by rebellious police for more than 12 hours.

President Rafael Correa appeared on the balcony of the presidential palace shortly afterward and addressed an adoring crowd.

He had been trapped in the hospital where he was treated after being tear-gassed earlier Thursday in a confrontation with hundreds of police angry over a law that would cut their benefits.

In the rescue mission, at least one soldier was seen hit by gunfire and tumbled down a small embankment.

Correa appeared to have been removed in a vehicle by soldiers.