10/01/2010 09:57 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Stewart Mocks Obama's Backyard 'BBQ & A' Summits (VIDEO)

Last night on "The Daily Show," Jon Stewart made fun of President Obama's backyard "BBQ & A" summits across the country, and celebrated Obama's plug for the Rally To Restore Sanity.

The backyard summits are part of Obama's campaign to get people to vote Democratic in the midterm elections, but so far there have been some moments that aren't exactly presidential. For instance, in one backyard, the home owner asked everyone to watch their step because "there might be a fresh one out there."

Stewart shook his head in disappointment. "You've taken the Presidency from Air Force One to backyard number two!"

And it got worse. Obama's next stop was at a classroom full of kids who were so incredibly bored by his talk, the student sitting directly in front of him let out a huge yawn.

Stewart scolded the kids, even though he admitted Obama was not at his most riveting. "Come on!" Stewart said. "The President Of The United States is standing three feet away from your Earth Science Class!"

But then, Obama did something that got everyone's attention: He said he was "amused" the idea of the Rally To Restore Sanity. Stewart jumped at the chance to do his impression of Joe Pesci in "Goodfellas":

"Amused? I amuse you? What am I, a clown? Is that what I am to you?" Stewart mocked while revealing a pair of giant clown shoes from under his desk.

Still, Stewart appreciated the name drop, even if Obama actually referred to it as, "Americans in Favor of a Return to Sanity or Something Like That."