10 Off The Beaten Path Wine Regions (PHOTOS)

10/01/2010 05:37 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

It's hard to imagine that as recently as 30 years ago, most wine snobs dismissed Napa vino as swill, and just a couple of decades ago Australia and Chile barely blipped on the wine connoisseur's radar.

Today, increasingly sophisticated vinification techniques have fostered a promising new generation of winemakers across the globe, from India to Tasmania. This is great news on two fronts: First, there's more fantastic wine to drink and more values to be found. Second, with places like Napa and Bordeaux becoming overrun with tourists at times, ShermansTravel.com's off-the-path wine regions offer all the charm, flavor, and beautiful scenery of classic vineyard exploring.

Text and captions courtesy of ShermanTravel.com, adapted from "Top 10 Off-the-Path Wine Regions"

10 Best Off-the-Path Wine Regions