10/05/2010 10:47 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Joe Manchin Bucks Obama In West Virginia As GOP Paints Him As Lap Dog (VIDEO)

West Virginia Governor and Senate candidate Joe Manchin recently pared back his support for Obama's agenda, announcing that he now backed the repeal of "several sections" of the President's signature health care overhaul.

A Manchin spokesperson recently told the Wall Street Journal:

[T]here are several sections that [Gov. Manchin] would now vote to repeal, including any provisions that allow for the funding of abortions and the provisions that are cumbersome to small businesses. He also believes people's personal responsibility and health-care choices should not be taken away by overreaching regulations.

Though a video from 2009 that surfaced last month showed Manchin publicly endorsing the Obama health care plan, the Democrat's enthusiasm for the passed legislation appears to have cooled.

The arc away from Obama comes as the NRSC and Manchin's opponent are bombarding the Governor with political ads that seek to paint him as an Obama minion that would go to Washington to serve as a rubber stamp for the President's agenda.

Last month, Republican candidate John Raese took to the airwaves with a commercial that sought to underscore Manchin's supposed propping up of Obama's health care reform.

In the last two weeks, the NRSC has followed suit with two television spots and a radio ad that all make note of Governor Manchin's popularity within the state, but claim that he'd be an entirely different person as a Democratic Senator. All in all, the NRSC plans to spend $1.3 million in ads against Manchin

Their latest ad shows three men lamenting Manchin's perceived transformation into "Washington Joe" when in the presence of President Obama.

"We better keep Joe Manchin right here in West Virginia," one man says. "It's the only way we're gonna stop Obama."