Randy Moss To The Vikings? Bill Simmons Tweet Starts Rumor Explosion

10/05/2010 10:01 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Is Randy Moss headed back to the Minnesota Vikings?

ESPN.com writer Bill Simmons wrote on Twitter earlier Tuesday night about the possibility of the NFL superstar rejoining his former team. "Rumors swirling about a Pats-Minny trade for Randy Moss," he tweeted. He soon deleted the tweet and said that it was supposed to be a private message, "Sorry that last tweet was supposed to be a DM. Rumors swirling about a Pats-Minny trade for Randy Moss."

Soon afterwards, Jay Glazer of Fox added fuel to the fire. "Yes, vikes and pats have been working on trade that sends randy moss to vikes and r very clode but can't be done until vikes and moss work out new contract, whcih they r working on," he tweeted.

Glazer added more information later in the evening: "Just to update, sides still working this, have been working it. Could end up makin the deal eve w out a new contract for moss if it comes down to it. They've been crankin on it."

The Vikings drafted Moss with the 21st pick of the 1998 NFL Draft. He played with them through the 2004 season, before he was traded to the Oakland Raiders. The Patriots obtained Moss after the 2006 season.

UPDATE: Multiple sources confirm that a trade is being discussed.