Awesome Little Boy Tricks Delivery Man, Escapes With Pizza

10/06/2010 05:02 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

You might be familiar with our "stupid criminals" stories, where we celebrate the nonsensical, ridiculous and hilarious things criminals think they can get away with. In this case, however, the perpetrator isn't so much stupid, but AWESOME.

According to an AP report, a man making a pizza delivery in Hoquiam, Washington got a surprise when he reached his destination and was duped by a young boy into giving him a pizza for free. KBKW in Washington said that the delivery man fell for the old "My mom is in the shower" excuse and handed over the pizza to young man who then escaped out the back door.

After waiting for 30 minutes (plenty of time to escape and scarf down a pizza, we'd think) the delivery man called the police, who later arrived and found the house to be vacant!

While we definitely don't encourage theft, and can imagine how frustrated the pizza delivery man must have been, the hilarity of this story lies in the "Backdoor Bandit's" ingenious plan and the fact that it made the news. We'd also like to know: how many delivery men have fallen for this trick over the years?

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