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New Facebook Features Announced: See What They Mean For You

The Huffington Post     First Posted: 10/06/10 06:24 PM ET   Updated: 05/25/11 06:55 PM ET

Facebook unveiled three new features designed to help users to better control the information they share via Facebook.

The social networking site revamped its Groups feature, created a new tool called "Download Your Information," and rehauled its dashboard to allow users to better understand what data their Facebook applications are using.

Find out more about these new features--and what they mean for you--in the slideshow below. What do you think of the new tools? Are they helpful? Will you use them? Weigh in below.

See What Facebook Knows About You
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Facebook has launched a new feature called "Download Your Information" that, according to Facebook, lets you "quickly download to your computer everything you've ever posted on Facebook and all your correspondences with friends: your messages, Wall posts, photos, status updates and profile information."

The feature will begin rolling out on Wednesday, October 6. To take advantage of the new tool, go to "Account," then "Account Settings" followed by "Learn more" next to the "Download Your Information" option. After this, click the green "Download" button. You'll receive an email when your information is ready for download.
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