10/07/2010 02:27 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Where To Crash After A Late Night Downtown

DOWNTOWN LOS ANGELES -- One of the great pleasures of living in Downtown L.A. is the fact that we can have a unhindered night out of drinking sans the worry of getting behind the wheel. Out-of-towners can end the night to begin sobering up for the haul home, continue cocktail exploration and crash on your couch/floor/bathtub, or they can venture into the costly expense of a hotel room.

High-end hotels like the gorgeous new JW Marriott or the Biltmore don't make a lot of sense for a late-night, last-minute crash pad, but the not as well-known Downtown locations listed below do. All of the following rooms came in under $150 for a Friday one-night stay.