Bristol Palin: 'I'll Be Dressing Sexy' On The Next 'Dancing With The Stars'

10/07/2010 11:57 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Bristol Palin has revealed to People magazine that she'll be showing more skin on next week's episode of "Dancing with the Stars." She told People that she'll be performing a sexy dance and, "I have to get into character. Dressing sexy will help me get into character more. Next week, I'll be dressing sexy. This is it."

She added, "I'm definitely nervous."

Bristol previously told People, "I think I will be the most dressed [contestant and have] the most modest outfits for sure because that's who I am." Each week, we've watched her outfits and polled to see if you think what she's wearing had been modest.

When she wore red fringe on the season premiere, 47 percent of you thought it was modest. Week two, lilac frock: 84 percent of you said it was modest. And on Monday, when Bristol donned a long, white dress, 76 percent of you thought it was modest.

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