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Candidates' iPods: What Music Are Politicians Listening To?

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These days, it's not enough to know where your candidate stands on the issues. You want to get to know the candidate as a person -- everything from his days in the Navy or working at a bank, to his relationship with his kids and dogs and the color of the tile in his kitchen.

So why not take a listen to their iPods?

The way the Southtown Star's Kristen McQueary figures it, politicians are going around repeating well-worn campaign pitches as they visit newspaper editorial boards around the state. So to throw a little fun into the business of politics, her paper asked candidates to list the five most recently played songs on their MP3 player.

Sure, it's a little frivolous. But music tells us a lot about people's personalities, and it's always interesting to see how candidates like to portray themselves on these kinds of questions.

Some, from Democratic Senate candidate Alexi Giannoulias to Will County Sheriff Paul Kaupas, passed on the question. But others gave answers ranging from ridiculous to sublime. (Sadly, no one mentioned Sublime.)

Take a listen, and tell us what you think of their choices:

What's On Politicians' iPods?
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