10/08/2010 07:18 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Contemporary Art Works of Often Subtle Beauty, Albert Houthuesen's Paintings

(From: NY Times)
An old artist, a new discovery: the work of Albert Houthuesen- who can work the brush and compose striking and beautiful paintings- is slowly being discovered as a new treasure.

LONDON -- The march toward celebrity can be a slow slog in contemporary art, but for collectors that has an upside. Here is an area where discovering a virtually unknown master remains possible. Ever heard of Albert Houthuesen, who died in 1979 at age 76? Few have. Even the determination of Richard Nathanson, an experienced art broker of long standing who was 20 when he first met the painter, did not succeed in making him a household name.

Read the full post by Souren Melikian at the NY Times, here>

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