Author Clinton Kelly On 'Good Morning America': 'People Are Intimidated By Me, Which Is Unfortunate' (VIDEO)

10/13/2010 04:29 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

This morning on "Good Morning America" Clinton Kelly, the host of "What Not To Wear," spoke about his new book of fashion advice for women, "Oh No She Didn't."

The host asked: "As you walk through the world are you constantly assessing?"

"Yes, I know, people are intimidated by me, which is unfortunate," said Kelly. "But I like it."

The author did admit to constantly assessing people's outfits, but reaffirmed that he doesn't' "verbally tell people" his critiques, unless people ask his opinion.

Want to find out more of Clinton's opinions on fashion? WATCH to learn Clinton's fashion tips from his new book:

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