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The 10 Hardest Law Schools To Get Into

First Posted: 10/13/10 05:56 PM ET   Updated: 05/25/11 07:00 PM ET

Fall is in the air, which can mean only one thing: Law school applications will soon be due. Based on data from 172 schools, the Princeton Review determined which ones are the toughest to get into this year. If you're not into those in the Toughest 10, check out the Review's other law school rankings lists, including Best Career Prospects, Best Professors and more.

What are your thoughts on these schools? Weigh in below.

Yale University Law School
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Yale University Students Say...

It's hard to beat Yale Law School, where the atmosphere is "highly intellectual" and classes are mostly "small" (first-year classes vary in size from 15 to 90 students). One of the many uniquely cool things about Yale is that "there aren't very many required courses. "All 1Ls must complete course work in constitutional law, contracts, procedure, and torts. There's also a small, seminar-style legal research and writing course, and that's pretty much it. Best of all, there are "no grades." First semester classes are graded pass/fail. After first semester, there is some semblance of grades but, since Yale doesn't keep track of class rank, it's not a big deal.

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