10/14/2010 09:18 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Tim & Eric Explain 'Chrimbus' Traditions On Kimmel (VIDEO)

Last night on "Jimmy Kimmel Live," Kimmel welcomed Adult Swim comedy duo Tim & Eric to talk about their upcoming live tour and holiday "Chrimbus" special in December. As usual, the boys brought their unique brand of humor with them, sufficiently confusing and delighting the audience and Kimmel himself.

The boys got off to rough start when they came on stage in elaborate costumes and make up and Kimmel asked if they were "hit by Siegfried and Roy's tour bus." Tim and Eric immediately reminded Kimmel that he was not supposed to ask them about their looks and mentioned having recently been in a horrible accident involving "a small boat and a fireplace" and Eric's "uncle Harris and about 10 White Russians."

But, Tim and Eric soon got over the indignation and demonstrated some hilarious warm-up routines they've been practicing for the tour that (to the delight of the audience) looked like various sex acts. Unfortunately, they "realized" right afterward that they were in fact live and it wasn't a dress rehearsal.

After a small freak-out the boys again got their focus and explained what Chrimbus -- the new holiday to which they have dedicated their upcoming holiday special -- to Kimmel. It turns out it is a "lunch holiday" wherein a "Winter Man" brings presents to those who have an acceptable "Chrimbus bush."

If you're already confused about the holiday (which you should be) wait until the end of the second clip where Guillermo brings out Tim and Eric's Chrimbus gift for Kimmel. You won't be disappointed.

WATCH: Part One

WATCH: Part Two