10/19/2010 01:23 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Kristen Stewart: I Was Offered Job At A Strip Club

Kristen Stewart plays a teen runaway-turned-stripper in her new flick "Welcome to the Rileys." And while fans will have to head to the theater on November 5 (or October 29 if you're in a city where it opens early in limited release) to find out whether James Gandolfini (Doug Riley) welcomes her to his dysfunctional family, Stewart, who sat down with MTV News on Monday, revealed some interesting details about filming the Jake Scott-directed flick.

Has Stewart ever felt comfortable enough to flaunt her sexuality the way her character, Mallory, does in the film? Well, if one job offer she got while in New Orleans filming the movie proves anything, it's that maybe she's got it and doesn't even have to flaunt it.

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