Pennsylvania Senate Debate VIDEO: Sestak, Toomey Face Off In First Meeting

10/20/2010 06:48 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Sestak comeback? That's what could be happening in Pennsylvania, as Democrats point to tightening numbers in the Senate race between the former admiral and Pat Toomey, both of whom have served the Keystone State in Congress. The latest polls have Sestak up, when just a week ago a Rasmussen survey had him trailing by ten points. Our Howard Fineman explored some of the possible reasons for the surge: the state's deep blue voter registration edge for Dems, and the "antique yet still-potent Philadelphia machine" the party relies on to churn out votes. For his part of course, Pat Toomey hopes to capture voter discontent with the Obama administration and a little bit of Tea Party magic.

With less than two weeks left, the debate could prove decisive in the race. Speak your part in the comments below.

UPDATE: The full video of the debate is below. A transcript (Part I, Part II) is also available.

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