10/24/2010 07:50 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Yeo Valley Organic Ad Has Hip-Hop Farmers That Rap About Organic Dairy (VIDEO)

Who would've guessed that organic farmers were blessed with such eloquent rhyming skills?

At least, that's the case in this this new advertisement from Yeo Valley Organic, an organic farm in the UK that's decided to take a hip-hop approach to spreading the message behind their products.

Conveniently pronounced "Yo Valley," Yeo's rap boasts many qualities, like how their "approach is common sense, harmony in natures takes precedence." The company clearly had a vision in mind and wanted to do it right, reigning in rap music video veteran Julien Lutz -- who has worked with everyone from Jay-Z and Kanye West to John Mayer and Usher -- to direct the piece to success.

Who needs tricked-out hydraulic-fitted low riders when these stylish farmers have a bumpin' tractor?

(Thanks to Grist for the lead on this one.)