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10/25/2010 02:14 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Violetta Aylward, UK Nurse, Turns Off Man's Life Support By Mistake (VIDEO)

A paralyzed man in the U.K. was left brain-damaged after a nurse working in his home accidentally switched off his ventilator, the BBC is reporting.

After expressing concerns about the care he was receiving, 37-year-old Jamie Merrett reportedly had a bedside camera installed at his home in Wlltshire, England. The resulting CCTV footage shows nurse Violetta Aylward switching off her patient's ventilator and Merritt clicking his tongue to attract attention.

The machine was re-started by a crew of paramedics 21 minutes later, but Merrett -- who was already paralyzed from the neck down following an automobile accident in 2002 -- had already suffered the damage.

Karen Reynolds, Merrett's sister, has slammed Ambition 24hours, Aylward's employer and the agency that provides services to the National Health Service (NHS), and she is considering taking legal action against the firm.

View footage of the incident via the BBC here:

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