10/25/2010 11:38 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

William Kelly Filing Charges Against Jay Levine, CBS Reporter Who Threatened To 'Deck' Him

A conservative pundit has filed charges against a Chicago reporter who threatened to "deck" him at a press appearance two weeks ago.

William Kelly, a blogger who buys air time on WIND for his "Kelly Truth Squad" talk show, has requested a warrant for the arrest of CBS2 reporter Jay Levine over a threat Levine made on camera against him.

Kelly was present at a Grant Park appearance by mayoral candidate Rahm Emanuel at the Columbus Day parade on October 13. In the middle of an interview being conducted by Levine and ABC reporter Charles Thomas, Kelly pushed past the two men to badger Emanuel with politically pointed questions.

After a time, Levine turns to Kelly, shouting, "Let him finish or I'm gonna deck you!"

Watch the incident at Grant Park:

Now, Kelly has filed charges against Levine for assault, which, as Chicagoist reminds us, will hold up "if the threat conveys intent."

"To date, I have not received any word of apology from Jay Levine or from CBS' management," Kelly wrote in a release. "I know Jay Levine and CBS still believe that they had every right to threaten me and interfere with my questions to Rahm Emanuel and that is precisely the problem. That is why I think it is important to take a stand and counter media hypocrisy and arrogance in Chicago and everywhere else and that is what I am doing today."

But to remind listeners that he wasn't taking this police thing all that seriously, Kelly infused a little levity into the situation on his radio program last week. Saying that he'd always wanted to write "Truth Squad: The Musical," Kelly sang a (literally and metaphorically) tone-deaf spoof called "Defying Jay Levine," a take-off on the famous song from "Wicked".

Unfortunately, he's disabled embedding on the video, but if you're interested, click here.

Meanwhile, Levine faces a November 19 court date to address Kelly's charges.