10/26/2010 01:09 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Drew Everson Mourned At Duke

The Duke University community is mourning the death of senior Drew Everson, 21, who passed on Saturday due to head and body injuries that resulted from an accidental fall. The Tampa, Fla. native was found at 11:30 on Friday morning at the foot of an outdoor stairwell behind a building on campus, according to the Duke Chronicle.

Although details of Everson's death are not yet known, administrators and the Duke University Police Department do not suspect foul play. Officials plan on releasing details -- like whether or not Everson was alone or intoxicated -- later this week, writes the New Observer.

Everson's friends, some of whom were out with him until around 2:30 a.m. the night of his accident, are left to remember a "brilliant analytical thinker" who was "the life of the party." Everson was an active member of Duke's campus, participating in Pi Kappa Phi, the debate team, a campus comedy troupe and writing for the Chronicle. Everson was "a real binding agent; he drew people together," Duke University Dean Steve Nowicki told the New Observer.

Everson was a political science major who spent the summer interning at Goldman Sachs. Before his death, he had already received job offers in the financial sector.

A campus memorial service will be held for Everson on Wednesday. Everson's family, who were with him at the time of his death, may hold an additional private commemoration in Tampa.

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