10/26/2010 02:19 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Justin Bieber Releases 3D Documentary Trailer. Let's Discuss. (VIDEO)

As if releasing a memoir at the age of 16 wasn't a big enough indication of Justin Bieber's hubris, we just found out he's releasing a 3D (yes, 3D) documentary about himself called "Never Say Never." And yes, the trailer is highly ridiculous.

The movie doesn't come out until next February but we think there's enough baby Bieber footage, amazing quotes that make zero sense and screaming pre-teen girls in this trailer to tie you over. Watch it below to see Bieber ride a Segue, talk to fans and say incredibly profound things like this: "I was once just chilling in my room, in a regular place and now I'm in this big world." Wow!

Actually, some of the best quotes in the movie come from other people, like one guy who emphatically says, "He's 16 and he's doing it all on his own." Really? Because our guess is that it takes more people to run a Bieber than it does to run a small business. Even his mom helped him upload his YouTube videos, right? And what about his hetero-life-mate Usher? He surely helped a little bit.

ANYWAY, just watch the trailer and tell us in the comments whether or not you think this will be the worst documentary ever, or if you'd actually pay money to hear commentary like this over gratuitous Bieber tour footage:

"He's living an extraordinary life, but he's just like you and me!"