10 Best Budget Airlines In The World (PHOTOS)

10/27/2010 03:38 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Despite economic woes, the global budget airline boom remains a hallmark of the new millennium, bringing the jet-set lifestyle to the money-mindful masses like never before. With today's exciting crop of chic low-cost carriers, passengers can pay peanuts for their fares, but look forward to much more than peanuts on-board.

The 10 budget airlines in ShermansTravel.com's international roundup all boast efficient aircraft, sleek interior design, attractive routes, innovative on-board services, comfortable seating, and a stylish, friendly staff - features that have long since slipped through the cracks of many of the struggling mainstream carriers.

Text and captions courtesy of ShermanTravel.com, adapted from "Top 10 Budget Airlines."

Best Budget Airlines