10/29/2010 05:08 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

'The Office' Proves Halloween & Business Do Not Mix Well (VIDEO)

Halloween episodes of "The Office" are always a season highlight. The employees dress up each year in costumes that perfectly reflect their character -- who can forget "Three-Hole-Punch Jim," Kelly's Carrie Bradshaw get-up, or when Kevin, Creed and Dwight all dressed as "The Dark Knight"'s Joker?

The show's characters have all undoubtedly grown, but that doesn't prevent them from going all-out in costume again this year. Michael Scott, whose extreme "SNL" fandom goes back to the first season, chose to dress as "MacGruber" this year.

In this clip from last night's episode, Michael's costume, as well as Darryl's Dracula (not, as he points out, "Blackula") and Corporate rep Gabe's elaborate Lady Gaga outfit make it difficult to take business matters seriously -- as if Dunder-Mifflin ever fosters a workable business environment. In this classic labor vs. management dispute, Michael, Darryl and Gabe try to manage a workplace conflict, but effectively make things worse for all involved.


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