Declan Sullivan's Death Could Cost Notre Dame $30 Million

11/02/2010 03:27 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

According to Forbes, Notre Dame student Declan Sullivan's accidental death last week could cost the university $30 million.

Sullivan died when a scissor lift he was filming a football team practice from was blown over by high winds. Notre Dame Coach Brian Kelly has said it was his decision to hold practice that day.

Patrick Rishe explains the finances of a potential lawsuit:

If found guilty of negligent behavior and if the degree of fault rests predominantly in the university's lap, Notre Dame could face compensatory damages in the $15M to $20M range ... And if punitive damages are also levied upon the university, the price tag associated with Mr. Sullivan's passing could increase by an additional $45M-$60M if penalized to the maximum allowable amount under Indiana law.

Also according to Rishe, Sullivan's last tweets, first reported on the Huffington Post, could serve as evidence that he was aware of his situation and concerned for his life.