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Election Predictions 2010: Politicians & Pundits Weigh In

First Posted: 11/02/10 01:49 AM ET   Updated: 05/25/11 07:10 PM ET

The 2010 midterm elections are here, and most expect Republicans to make big gains in both chambers of Congress. While prevailing opinion holds that the GOP will take over the House of Representatives, there are some dissenters among national politicians. The Senate outlook is even more messy, but it is generally accepted that Republicans face a steeper climb to take back the upper chamber.

Numerous politicians and prognosticators have weighed in around the country, including President Clinton and Sarah Palin. Scroll down to see what each thinks. Who's right? Who's wrong? Weigh in with your comments.

Sarah Palin: 'Political Earthquake'
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The former Alaska governor says Tuesday will deliver a "political earthquake" and that Americans will reject "the establishment who have kind of perpetuated the problem by going along just to get along."
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