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The REAL Winners And Losers Of The 2010 Midterm Elections (PHOTOS)

First Posted: 11/03/10 10:52 AM ET   Updated: 05/25/11 07:10 PM ET

The 2010 election will be endlessly analyzed for weeks on end: Why did the Democrats lose the House? What was the significance of the Tea Party? Will President Obama achieve his agenda with a gridlocked Congress? What is Christine O'Donnell going to do now?

Among the confusion, however, this election had some real winners and losers, even if they weren't necessarily displayed at the ballot box. Here's a definitive, conclusive list of the real winners and losers the morning after the midterms.

LOSER: Whoever Runs Sarah Palin's Facebook
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This poor, poor ghost writer possibly has the hardest job in politics: Updating Sarah Palin's Facebook with whatever drabble about the "lamestream media" Palin feels like spewing out that hour. It's not too late! Start including cries for help within the copy! You must escape!
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