11/03/2010 08:32 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Tropical Storm Tomas: Homeless Haitians Prepare For Severe Floods

Across Haiti, over a million remain homeless 10 months after the crippling 7.0 earthquake struck.

For months, government officials and aid workers have feared what hurricane season would bring to a country with little infrastructure and many families still sheltered only by plastic tents.

Now, Haitians are bracing for the worst as Tropical Storm Tomas heads toward the country. The storm hit the island of St. Lucia as a full-blown hurricane, before being downgraded to a tropical storm.

According to some sources, the storm may return to hurricane strength before barraging Haiti.

Whatever the exact classification, severe flooding could claim Haitian lives, wash away tent cities and rubble left from the earthquake, and spread the deadly cholera outbreak.

NBC Nightly News reports relief workers have raised a red flag, warning homeless Haitians about the danger of flooding.

The United States is sending the USS Iwo Jima to bring humanitarian aid, while various relief workers on the ground in Haiti work to prepare for the heavy rains.


You can contribute by making a donation to the Red Cross, Doctors Without Borders, Partners in Health or other organizations bringing medical supplies to cholera patients, as well as food, water and shelter to Haitians in need.

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