Doug Collins, Philadelphia 76ers Coach, Leaves Game Due To Vertigo

11/04/2010 10:18 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

The Philadelphia 76ers beat the Indiana Pacers on Wednesday night 101-75 for their first win of the season, but coach Doug Collins wasn't on the bench in the second half. Collins left the game after the first half due to symptoms of vertigo, according to ProBasketballTalk.

Collins reportedly missed two preseason games for the same reason.

"I got up at halftime and I had that really dizzy feeling and I asked Mike to grab my arm because I didn't want to fall," he said. "So he sort of led me into the doctor and he gave me my medicine and said he just wanted me to rest. Everything's all good. The players were happy they didn't have me in the second half.''

Associate head coach Michael Curry took over for Collins.

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