11/09/2010 07:27 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

'Modern Family' Moment: Step-Parenting At Its Best (VIDEO)

On last week's episode of ABC hit "Modern Family," Jay (played by Ed O'Neill) has a tender moment with his step-son, Manny (Rico Rodriguez).

Manny and his mother Gloria (Sofia Vergara) had visited Jay at work when one of Jay's employees put Manny in danger. After Jay fired him, Manny refused to speak to him — until he referred to him as "my kid."

"Anybody who puts my kid in danger doesn't get a second chance, ever," Jay told Manny.

"Did you just call me your kid?" a delighted Manny responded. "You've never said that before."

"Well of course you're my kid!" Jay said. "What do you think?"