Seth Rogen's Girlfriend Was Topless When He Proposed (VIDEO)

11/09/2010 02:41 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Seth Rogen proposed to his girlfriend Lauren Miller in September, and he told Conan O'Brien on his new show that it happened while Lauren was nearly nude.

"She was in our closet changing, and she was literally only in her underpants, and her boobs were out," he said. "I'd already kind of started, and I was like 'Oh man, her boobs are out! That's not part of the plan!' I didn't picture it like this, and I know she didn't picture it like this. No little girl is like 'It'll happen in a closet with my t**s out.'"

Regardless, Lauren accepted.

"I figured the only appropriate thing was to place the ring on her nipple," Seth joked.