11/10/2010 08:39 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Sofia Vergara's Los Angeles: The 'Modern Family' Star's Best Of LA

"We're Latin--everything revolves around food, and it usually takes six hours to make a good meal!" Sofia Vergara was hamming it up yesterday during a taping of 'Steaming With Sofia,' a Tupperware promotion showcasing the SmartSteamer. In the spirit of the classic Tupperware parties, she was helping Chef Stuart O'Keeffe (of Food Network's Private Chefs of Beverly Hills) with a demo of the product--but this wasn't your mother's Tupperware party. In a Pacific Palisades home overlooking the ocean, Vergara and O'Keeffe did their thing in front of a camera crew instead of a circle of housewives. When it came time to test the food, Vergara was a willing victim. After first asking if the steamed chicken was real (she explained that on the set of Modern Family, she was once chastised for trying to eat the props), she let out a surprised yelp--"I thought this was going to be dry!" During dessert, the chatty comedienne let three wordless bites go by while trying O'Keeffe's "flan in minutes" (also cooked by the microwave steamer), a sign that her notorious sweet tooth was satisfied.

Separately, Vergara admitted to the Huffington Post that she wasn't much of a home cook. When her son Manolo used to live with her (he's now away at college), he quipped "Truthfully, [my mom] is really like a little girl. She's always playing on the computer, watching television, reading. If I don't cook, she'll die of hunger." Instead, Vergara's specialty is eating out--a lot. She gave us her top picks for a dinner out in Los Angeles.

Sofia Vergara's Los Angeles