11/11/2010 06:11 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

'A Life On Facebook' Tells The Tale Of A Virtual Everyman (VIDEO)

Maxime Luère's "A Life On Facebook" tells the story of one Alex Droner, who joins Facebook and immediately starts to share his life with the world.

As the video progresses (in rapid-fire), we see Alex accumulating friends, wall posts and photos.

Through the window of his Facebook profile, we watch his life unfold before our eyes. Parties, mistakes, romance--all whiz by on the endless stream of Alex's Facebook wall.

We see his ups, his downs, his unfortunate over-shares. He even has a cyber-stalker, of sorts.

The tale reminds us of Google's "Parisian Love" Super Bowl ad, but a little darker.

View "A Life On Facebook" in the video below, then visit Maxime Luère's website (here).

WATCH: [The Next Web via Gizmodo]